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Permanent makeup popularity is growing with the average women you see every day along with beauty experts, celebrities and even makeup artists are now achieving their round the clock beauty with the micro-pigmentation's technology also known as cosmetic tattooing. For some, permanent makeup might seem a little drastic, but for those with the daily struggles of applying and keeping their makeup from smudging, individuals who suffers from loss of eyebrows and lashes due to an illness, health conditions or simply from over tweezing, it can be a huge morale booster.  In all honesty, I know it's not going to provide a perfect solution for all your makeup needs, but it can help restore the look you once had, enhance your facial features and build self confidence in those who strive for a look that is tasteful, flattering and yet age-appropriate.

Hello and welcome! My name is Josalyn, owner of Makeup for Keeps, LLC.  Micropigmentation/Semi Permanent Makeup is one of my many specialties!  I have been trained and build the skillsets needed in choosing the color palettes that will complement your skin tone and create a design to best suit your personality and style. Please browse through my website  to learn more about these semi permanent cosmetic procedures and discover how you can achieve your desired makeup look for keeps!  Thank you for visiting!


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