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What is Permanent Makeup?

This procedure is called micro-pigmentation, or more commonly known as, permanent makeup, semi permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing is all form of tattooing.  A hand-held device or a manual tool with a sterile needle is used to implant pigments beneath the dermal layer of the skin.  This modern technology is used to enhance the look and restore the shape of eyebrows, eyes and lips.

Who benefits from this?

Why...just about anyone who wants to eliminate the chore of applying makeup that smears and smudges easily.  But it doesn't just stop there, anyone that suffers from allergies related to cosmetics, has vision problems or has unsteady hands due to motor skills impairment which affects the effort of applying makeup and  those who leads an active lifestyle.  It's highly beneficial for those who suffered from hair loss disorders, due to medical treatments, skin disorder or simply from over waxing or tweezing that leads to sparse hair. 

Does it hurt?

Pain varies per the individual's reaction to the anesthetic but you might be surprise to learn that permanent makeup procedure may be more comfortable than getting a traditional tattoo.  Makeup for Keeps, LLC are properly trained to use safe and  effective topical anesthetics which results to almost no pain at all.

How long does a procedure take?

The actual procedure takes about an 1 hour, give or take, depending on how your skin responds.  Appointments usually are booked for 2 to 3 hours depending on the number of procedures scheduled, which will include a consultation discussing color choices and achieving your makeup design, going over aftercare instructions and scheduling your follow up appointment. 

Is there a recovery period that requires me to take off from work?

Some experience soreness, swelling, redness and tenderness for a couple of days but most people resume their normal activity the day after the procedure so it's to your discretion if you wish to take day(s) off to recuperate.  The color and shape of your new permanent makeup may appear darker and bolder at first which may take time getting use to.  Your body will go through a healing process which will involve an exfoliation period at the average of 5 to 7 days (up to 10-14 days for some)  Some feel a bit conscious about how they look during this period.  You may want to consider  scheduling your appointments around special events, meetings or functions.

How will my permanent makeup look after it heals?

Immediately after a procedure, the look of your permanent makeup may appear temporarily bolder which may take some time to get use to. After it heals, the colors will usually become subtle and can be worn alone for a softer natural look or add a touch of makeup to fit any occasion.  The results will vary per individual depending on how the skin recovers.  Healing stages will be as unique as the individual.  For best results, it is essential that you follow your aftercare instructions provided by your technician.  A second application is recommended to be scheduled 6-8 weeks after the initial procedure to address any adjustments that may be needed.

How long will my permanent makeup last?

The word "permanent"  misleads people into thinking that you will never have to worry about your cosmetic tattoo from ever fading.  As to anything that has color, it will eventually fade.  How long you may ask...It's usually determined how the individual cares for it, what they expose the area to or just  by how their body exfoliates on a daily basis.  Unlike traditional tattoo inks, which may last for 10 + years or even last for a lifetime, pigments may only last between 1 to 3 years.  So with that in mind, it will require maintenance to refresh and upkeep the look of your permanent makeup.  Trends do change overtime and with the versatility of pigment usage, you have the option to update the look of your existing permanent makeup.

How safe is this procedure?

Allergic reactions are possible but are reasonably rare when receiving a permanent makeup procedure. To ensure your safety, Makeup for Keeps, LLC uses the finest pigments and anesthetics available, we use sterile single use disposable needles and all procedures are done under the strict Local Health District Regulations Governing the Sanitation and Safety of Tattoo Establishments that regulates sterile, safe and healthy practices in preventing cross-contamination. For any allergy concerns, please discuss with your doctor. 

Is a consultation necessary?

Yes!  It's the ideal time to learn the process of permanent makeup.  Being informed of all the risks and complications that may arise during and/or after a procedure is important! Questions and concerns are addressed and building a rapport with your technician is a good way to make you feel more comfortable and gain the trust with your  future technician.  Considering this procedure will be permanently placed on your face, you want to have ample time to decide if this procedure is for you.
What happens on the day of my procedure?

  • A consultation will first take place in helping you understand the micro-pigmentation process and its risks.
  • Once you agree to continue to do the procedure, paperwork will then be required to be filled.  
  • A Topical anesthetic will be applied on the site for 30 minutes. During this time, we'll go through a series of color selection.  Once the 30 minute mark passes, we will then  work together to design the look you desire.  I usually use conventional makeup to draw in the shape to give you a preview of how it will be permanently placed on your face.  Once approved, the procedure will take place immediately after.
  • Procedure(s) usually takes place with you comfortably in a laying position on a facial bed unless you are required to sit upright due to a health condition.  I will talk you through every step to keep you informed and help keep you at ease.  Anesthetic will be applied throughout the procedure to maintain your comfort.
  • After your procedure is complete, a cold wipe or ice pack will be placed over the site while we go over your aftercare instructions thoroughly so you know how to care for it when you go home.  A bag of wipes along with a copy of your aftercare instructions will be supplied to you.
  • Lastly, you can schedule your follow up appointment. This is optional but highly recommended to attain the best results of your permanent makeup. As a result of the initial procedure, a follow up appointment is to simply fine tuned the end results. This is best carried out no sooner than 6 to 8 weeks from your initial appointment to ensure proper healing.

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