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Eyebrow Powder and   Microblading/Hairstrokes                                                       

Permanent eyebrows is the highly sought after permanent cosmetics procedure. The eyebrows frames the face and properly shaped eyebrows can take years off your appearance. Below are the different techniques.  You also have the option to combine both techniques for an even fuller looking brows.
  • The Eyebrow Powder technique, also known for Shading is achieved by implanting the pigment with a digital machine to achieve a powdery solid filled-in makeup look. You can choose it to be very defined, bold and dramatic or  have just a soft hint of color for a subtle brow enhancement. 
  •  The Microblading/Hairstroke technique is by implanting the pigment with a special handtool by etching in fine hairlike strokes which blends in naturally with the existing hair that creates fuller looking hair.

Eyelash Liner

This procedure is for those who want an extremely subtle eyeliner.  The color is placed only on the base of the lashes which causes the eyelash to appear darker, fuller looking and frames the eye without the look of  a heavy eyeliner.  Even men can benefit from this procedure to add definition to their eyes without looking like they are wearing makeup   


Eyeliner  is achieved by  placing color from the base of the lashes to the desired thickness , it can be applied in many styles.  Permanent eyeliner can lift and lengthen the shape of your eyes, even make them appear larger. 

Retouch /  Refresh

Overtime, our skin tones and facial contours changes. With the daily exposure to harsh elements, daily exfoliation, application of harsh chemicals, or whitening agents from cleansers and facial regimen that will take a toll on color and fade the shape of your permanent makeup.  By retouching, you are refreshing the look you once had.  Maintaining your touch up will also help upkeep with the ever changing trends.    


Are you unhappy with your existing permanent makeup due to the lack of communication between you and your technician?  Perhaps a non-highly trained technician performed an unsightly cosmetic tattoo that went embarrassingly wrong?  We may be able to help.  A thorough consultation is needed to consider the many correctional options.  If the work is beyond correction, we can refer you to a facility that may be able to perform a laser removal.

Here are some before and after photos.  For more current pictures, please visit my Instagram page @makeup4keeps 

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