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Proud owner of Makeup for Keeps.   I am an actively licensed Cosmetologist and I have been helping both women and men achieve their best looks for over 20 years.  With the beauty industry at a constant evolution, I’ve expanded my passion towards  pursuing my certification as a Micro-pigmentation Specialist to provide semi permanent makeup services.  I originally obtained my license in the State of Hawaii and now licensed to practice in the State of Wilmington, NC.  I have acquired my certification with the Hawaii Academy of Permanent Cosmetics since 2008. I had the privilege to join a well known permanent makeup center on Oahu for over 6 years, where I earned a senior technician position.  My goal was to build up the skills sets needed in helping me build my very own empire.   By incorporating the skills I have acquired  from my instructors and fellow technicians, I developed my very own style that gave me the confidence to take  the opportunity to venture on my own.  With the love, support and encouragement of my wonderful family and true friends, Makeup for Keeps LLC was born.

About Makeup for Keeps and our Mission

Makeup for Keeps is a limited liability company, created and operated solely by Josalyn.  We are licensed & permitted  by New Hanover County Health Department and insured by PPIB.  We are current on our Bloodborne Pathogen certification. Our small business originated in Honolulu, HI in 2013.  As our family uprooted to Las Vegas, NV and made our recent move to our new home in Wilmington , NC, we were fortunate to have been able to establish our business throughout our journey.
Our mission here at Makeup for Keeps is to deliver top quality work, provide outstanding customer service and help rebuild each client's self esteem while making the health and care of each client a top priority. We will continue to further our education to help improve and advance our skills so we may provide you the best in this industry.    

This innovative method has allowed technicians to provide a solution to those who suffered from natural hair loss, from a condition such as alopecia or for illnesses such as cancer that goes through treatments and causes hair to fall out.  We now have the tools and skills needed to provide this service to restore the look of hair to help gain back their confidence and feel great about how they look again.  "To see joy in their eyes the minute they look in the mirror thus far the most rewarding part of my career! It serves a deeper purpose to be able to make a difference in someone going through difficult times by helping them feel good inside and out. "

"Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and allowing me to share my passion! And to my dear loyal clients, thank you for your continued support and referrals."  Sincerely, Josalyn

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