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Permanent eyebrows is the highly sought after cosmetic tattoo procedure. The eyebrows frames the face and properly shaped eyebrows can take years off your appearance. Below are the different techniques.  You also have the option to combine both techniques for an even natural fuller looking brows.  Please be advised that these eyebrow methods are all a form of tattooing.

  • The POWDER BROWS method - using either a machine to deposit the pigment in the dermal layer to achieve a powdery solid filled-in eyebrows. You can choose it to be very defined, bold and dramatic or create just a soft hint of color for a subtle brow enhancement.

  • The OMBRE BROWS method - using a machine to deposit pigment in the dermal layer to achieve a softer frontal bulb (front of brow) and gradually transition to a darker color from mid to tail.   These are quite the popular brow trend on social media.

  •  The MICROBLADING OR HAIRSTROKE - method which uses a special handtool or machine with fine micro-needles to deposit pigments into the dermal layer simulating hairlike strokes to fill in sparse brows and give the impression of fuller looking brow hairs

Eyelash Enhancer Liner
This procedure is for those who want an extremely subtle eyeliner.  The color is placed only on the base of the lashes which causes the eyelash to appear darker, fuller looking and frames the eye without the look of  a heavy eyeliner.  Even men can benefit from this procedure to add definition to their eyes without looking like they are wearing makeup   

Eyeliner is achieved by  placing color from the base of the lashes up to the desired thickness , it can be applied in many styles.  Permanent eyeliner can lift and lengthen the shape of your eyes, even make them appear larger. 

Lip Blush
It's a form of cosmetic tattoo to naturally enhance your lip color, improve and define the current shape giving the illusion of a fuller looking lips.

Retouch /  Color Boost
With the daily exposure to harsh elements, daily exfoliation, exposing to harsh chemicals, or whitening agents from cleansers, anti-aging products or facial regimen that may strip the color and fade the shape of your current cosmetic tattoo.  Touch ups are necessary to boost up the shape and color.

Cosmetic Tattoo Corrections
A thorough consultation is required before we can determine how to go about correcting the existing cosmetic tattoo .  To avoid costly procedures and further damage to your skin, being aware and fully informed of the many options offered now will help you decide what is the best for your case.  Consultations are complimentary.

Li-FT Pigment Lightening/Removal (new service)

Unhappy with your existing tattooed eyebrows or eyeliner?  Li-FT are one of the many ways to lighten/remove unwanted tattoos.  One of the most effective and safest saline pigment removal solution out in the market.  There's a lot of factors that comes into removing pigment/ink from the skin so a consultation is necessary first prior to booking your procedure.  

Here are some before and after photos.  For more current pictures, please visit my Instagram page @makeup4keeps or find us on Facebook at Makeup for Keeps. 

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