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Makeup for Keeps offers discounted cosmetic tattoo services to humbly help women that's been impacted by cancer. How you look affects how you feel about yourself, inside and out. Undergoing chemotheraphy and/or radiation against cancer takes a terrible toll on an individual`s outward appearance. During medical treatments, patients may suffer complete hair loss, including eyebrows and eyelashes. I can help restore the look of your eyebrows and lashes by offering my cosmetic tattoo services such as microblading, ombre, powder brows and eyeliner procedures. The results may look as natural as conventional makeup. Schedule a complimentary consultation to receive more information on how you or someone you know that may benefit from these services.


To share my little story, I was diagnosed late in Nov 2017 with stage 2 breast cancer, undergo a double mastectomy and a removal of a lymphnode in Jan 2018 and currently in remission. This completely changed my life and became very personal to me. Since then I have pursued to learn the art of 3D areola tattoos. I made it my mission to dedicate my new learned skills to helping breast cancer survivors feel whole again.   




Makeup for Keeps is now able to submit claims to receive insurance coverage for patients who wants their 3D Areola Tattoos done by me

What is 3D Areola Tattoo? 

After a mastectomy and reconstruction of the breast, this is usually the final step and a less invasive alternative. A tattoo artist uses a tattoo needle coated with a pigment which is inserted to the skin to permanently tattoo a realistic appearance of an areola and nipple.  

How do I know if I am a good candidate for this procedure?  

A consultation is necessary to assess any scar tissue that may have developed after the surgery of the breasts. It will be determined by the artist if the skin is in its best condition to tattoo to avoid further damage to the skin and determine the best way to proceed. 

Does it hurt? 

Due to the damaged nerves obtained through surgery, likely there is already numbness to the breast. Although some may feel sensitivity, rest assured that a topical anesthetic will be applied to prenumb the area prior to the procedure taking place and will continue to apply as needed.

How long will the procedure take? 

It can take up to 3-4 hours for the entire appointment. Examining the tissue of the skin, placement of the tattoo, choosing the pigment, the actual tattooing time and going over your aftercare is what's to be expected. 

What is an areola temporary tattoos? 

They are areola temporary tattoos that you add water to transfer to the skin. During a consultation, some may not be quite as ready to receive a permanent areola tattoo and this is a great way to allow a breast cancer survivor to envision themselves with it.

Will my insurance cover the cost of my areola tattoo? 

Makeup for Keeps is now able to submit claims to receive health insurance coverage for patients who wants their 3D Areola Tattoos done.  We will require to submit an insurance claim first prior to scheduling your procedure to ensure covered procedures.  This can take up to 7 days 

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